Sanitising as Durham's Outdoor Markets Return

Durham’s Saturday Outdoor Market returned last weekend, with support from City of Durham Parish Council.

The Outdoor Market was open for the first time since March, with various measures in place to enable shoppers to shop in safety.  One such measure was the hand sanitiser station funded by the Parish Council.  It was available throughout the day, and used by both shoppers and traders alike. 

Cllr Alan Doig, Vice Chair of City of Durham Parish Council, commented: “There’s an overwhelmingly positive response to reopening the city centre for shopping, and it was important to the Parish Council that we provide street support as best we can.  The hand sanitiser station is free to use, it’s easy to locate where it’s needed and is a simple step we can take to help people feel confident to return to our retailers.”

Colin Wilkes, Managing Director of Durham Markets, added: “It’s wonderful that the Parish Council can provide this support.  This, combined with a more widely spaced Outdoor Market, was very well received by traders and shoppers.  On Saturday, as the weather improved through the day, people came out to shop in the city centre.  It’s a strong indication that people are keen to embrace our ‘new norm’, and return to Durham city centre, but in a safe and sensible way. 

“Following the success of the Saturday Outdoor Market, we’re bringing back the Farmers’ and Producers’ Market this coming Thursday, 18th June and are looking forward to welcoming shoppers back into the Market Hall when it reopens on 22nd June.”